Mission Goals/Objectives


    The mission of the International Business and Management program in International College, is devoted to help both local and international students to have a global vision.

Moreover, to develop expertise in international business, through providing students with quality business education and professional disciplines, that strive for a balance between theories and practices.

This program is also devoted to cultivate and enhance students’ perspectives in business ethics and social responsibility.



International Business and Management Program provides students a diverse learning environment, with the delivery of basic business knowledge and skills, nurture of professional international business proficiency, and couple with humanistic and technological courses, in order to cultivate future professional managers and good contributing citizens to the society. 

G1. To help students in understanding and developing expertise in both basic and professional knowledge of international business discipline

G2. To cultivate and enhance students' perspectives in business ethics and social responsibility

G3. To help students develop global views



O1: ability to understand international business knowledge
O2: ability to apply quantitative tools and information technology.
O3: ability to recognize the situation and analyze for solution rationally (case study)
O4: ability to communicate and work as a team player (communication skills & Interpersonal skills)